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Welcome to Pivotal Dance!

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Creating tomorrow's dancers, today!

At Pivotal Dance we strive to create a nurturing community which allows students of all ages and abilities to reach their goals. Whether your child simply wants to make new friends and try a new hobby, or if they want to take their dancing all the way to pursue a career in the arts, we have the right classes for them!

Our Studios

Our Classes

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Our Methods


Jazz Dance incorporates a broad range of dance styles. It focuses on strong technique training through  body isolations, kicks, turns, leaps and jumps. It is a fast paced, fun and challenging style!


Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles. It combines graceful, precise movement with athelticism. It is a fabulous form of exercise, giving overall body conditioning, helping  students gain strength, flexibility, musicality, and co-ordination.  


Contemporary dance is extremely popular with all ages as it is a free flowing, expressive dance style incorporating fall and recovery, contract and release, acrobatic like movement, and elements of ballet technique.

Hip Hop

Fast becoming our most popular dance class, hip hop combines popular music, with upbeat and fast paced movement. Our hip hop classes incorporate a large range of styles within the hip hop genre. 


Combining flexibility, strength and co-ordination, our aerial classes will have you soaring in no time! Classes include a combination of aerial silk (tissu), Lyra (aerial hoop), and Static Trapeze. 

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