Express interest in a solo or duo (for enrolled students only)
Terms and conditions:  Once a time is booked for your solo it is your responsibility to be present for all rehearsals.  Teachers must be paid for attendance so unless 24 hrs notice is provided of your inability to attend, the lesson will still be charged for.  Emergency situations are the exception.  In most cases students will be required to attend a regular scheduled review - this will be perhaps monthly once the choreography is learnt , to ensure that the student is showing appropriate skill development in the performance of their piece.  Students are expected to rehearse in their own time each week, either at home or they can book studio rehearsal time when available in 30 minute blocks - this must be booked only with Michelle on and can be booked only one week ahead to be fair to all.  If any performance piece does not reach a standard deemed suitable to enter into competitions then the student will be invited to present it in one of the concerts and  continue working on it to use at a later event.


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