For our little pre-school age dancers (ages 3- 4.5  yrs )we offer  a one hour combined Acro/Dance class

This combined 1 hour class features the acclaimed ACROBATIC ARTS PRESCHOOL programme- this programme focuses on physical literacy.  It is not designed to teach children back handsprings - but features such skills as Pike, Plie, skipping, marching, pre-cartwheel, tendu etc. - skills which crossover with dance.  The focus of this programme includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hopping etc.), balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills.  The Dance section of the class continues to build on these elements and introduces students to basic jazz technique , vocabulary and choreography which culminate in our Midyear and end of year concerts where students will perform both an acrobatic and jazz piece for the pleasure of their families.



Jazz is a fun and eclectic style of dance which uses elements from many of the main dance styles seen today. If you want to dance like the people in music videos, Jazz is for you! It incorporates strength, flexibility, isolation movements and performance. 

Starting from 5 yrs and going all the way through to our adult students these classes allow students to benefit from excellent technical training and there is the choice to be involved in either competitive* (see below) or recreational teams.  All students enjoy the opportunity to be involved with our midyear performance and end of year shows where they can showcase their skills to family and friends.


Hip Hop is fast becoming one of the most popular dance styles. As seen in such movies as Step Up and Street Dance, Hip Hop combines Popping, Locking, Wacking and Breaking styles.  We have classes available for students from 5 yrs of age up and yes, we love to have boys along to these classes!





Adelaide is host to some of Australia's finest Contemporary dance companies including Australian Dance Theatre and Leigh Warren and Dancers. Contemporary dance is extremely popular with all ages as it is a free flowing, expressive dance style incorporating fall and recovery, contract and release, acrobatic like movement, and elements of ballet technique.  Students enrolling for contemporary and lyrical classes greatly benefit from also including ballet in their enrolment as both these forms find their basis in ballet.





At PIVOTAL DANCE we provide  R.A.D syllabus Classical Ballet classes. Classical Ballet is an art form dating back to the courts of Europe. It combines graceful, precise movement with athelticism. It is a fabulous form of exercise, giving overall body conditioning. This class will help students gain strength, flexibility, musicality, and co-ordination.   Both Brighton and Seaford venues, with the expert services of Ms Susan Cooke (RAD Registered Teacher)  offers graded classes with students being provided with the opportunity to participate in exams should they so desire (additional classes required).



ACROBATICS:  Pivotal Dance is an accredited ACROBATIC ARTS studio. In a fun packed 60 minute lesson students learn skills such as tumbling, cartwheels, aerials, walk-overs and much much more. Our Acrobatic  Coaches offer classes from ages 3+ with a strong emphasis on both technique and safety in performing the movements.  Please note:  class levels are skill based so new students will be assessed by our coaches to determine the correct level for their existing skill set.


   Following an increase in our aerial apparatus at Seaford we will be offering an expanded number of places in our extremely popular 

   AERIAL classes.  Whether you are a complete beginner (starts from age 8) or perhaps have some experience - we have something\

   for everyone.  Adults have their very own class on Thursday evenings.  Aerial training is a fun way to increase strength and flexibility

   whilst also satisfying your creative and artistic flair



For the student who wishes to excel, loves to perform and enjoys pushing themselves to improve our Competitive dance teams are ideal.

Entry into these groups is by audition so please enquire if you think you may be interested.  Minimum prior dance experience is required and enrolment is for a minimum period of one year (covering the current competition season).

RECREATIONAL CLASSES (from our preschoolers through to Open age (15-25):Not everyone wants to take on the commitment of being involved in competition teams but at the same time parents and students would like to feel that their dance classes will be fun, provide good training so that students (whatever their age) see improvement and allow students to still be involved in performances where they get to showcase their work.  Our recreational classes will provide all of this and more.  Teachers who take these classes take great pride in developing their students abilities whilst at the same time making classes enjoyable and just a bit challenging.  Recreational classes go right through to our Open Age (up to age 25) students many of whom may be completing their final years in secondary school or may actually be at uni or in the work force - these classes are very popular as it allows these students, many of whom have danced in the past but had to perhaps step away from more competitive programmes due to their education or work commitments, to come along and enjoy being with friends and sharing their love of dance, and its a great way to keep fit.  Open Age rec. classes offer great technique and conditioning work (Jazz and Contemporary and Hip Hop are  available) and students learn fun routines to be involved in our Midyear and end of year concerts.

NEW FOR 2021!~  We are very pleased to announce that we now can offer:  ADULT BALLET TECHNIQUE with Ms Susan - this class will run from BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL DANCE ROOM on Mondays from 6 - 7pm